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Cleanfarms Collecting Unwanted Pesticides and Old Livestock/Equine Medications – at No Charge!

Photo Taken By Cleanfarms
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Cleanfarms is collecting unwanted, old agricultural pesticides and obsolete livestock, equine and poultry medications so that farmers can dispose of these agricultural materials safely and in an environmentally responsible way. 

In British Columbia, the Cleanfarms program will cover the Okanagan, Interior, and Kootenay regions from Sept 27 – Oct 21, 2021. See more information on dates and locations here.

“We run this program at no cost to farmers so they can remove unwanted, old and obsolete agricultural chemicals such as ag pesticides and ag animal medications from storage on their farms. The program is designed to help farmers keep their farms clean and sustainable. When they use our program, farmers have peace of mind that Cleanfarms will dispose of the materials safely,” said Cleanfarms Executive Director Barry Friesen.

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