Invasive Species Alert

Experts Hope to Locate Asian Giant Hornet Nests After Insect Found in Langley

Photo Taken By Paul van Westendorp
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The Asian giant hornet is back in B.C. after first being recorded in the province last year near Nanaimo. A new sighting was confirmed on May 15th in Langley. Experts are now trying to locate nests in the ground and determine how many hornets there might be.

“All that signifies is that this beast has been travelling or been spreading a bit farther than we had anticipated up to this point,” says Paul van Westendorp, Provincial Apiculturalist.

Experts are asking the public to be on alert for Asian giant hornets and report any sightings to the Invasive Species Council of BC at 1-888-933-3722 or via the Provincial Report Invasives phone app, available at

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