Invasive Species Alert

Keep an Eye Out for Spotted Lanternfly This Summer!

Photo Taken By Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
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The Invasive Species Centre is urging everyone to keep an eye out for Spotted Lanternfly this summer. The Spotted Lanternfly is a destructive pest that feeds on over 70 species of host plants and trees, including grapes and fruit trees. There are no confirmed sightings of Spotted Lanternfly in British Columbia but this insect is on the move in the United States. They are great hitchhikers and could show up in the Okanagan or Similkameen Valleys. They especially love the invasive Tree-of-Heaven, which is a well-established tree in this region.

This time of year, look out for early and late-stage nymphs and adults. If you think you’ve seen one, take a photo, note your location, and report it right away. Start with filling out the form below, in addition to reporting sightings to the CFIA.

Reporting Priority Insects in BC – Google Form

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